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The changes of global warming in Alaska

March 1, 2019

Global warming is one of the most severe and alarming concerns that Alaska and in fact the whole world faces today. Though there are several reasons that are collectively responsible for it, we need to think about controlling it at our own end.

Without going too deep or scientific into this subject, we simply need to understand that due to our lifestyle, the overall temperature of our planet earth is gradually increasing. As we too are responsible for it, we could also control it by understanding the reason or our contribution in it and then trying to control it as much as possible.

A simple way in which anything gets heated up is quite understandable. If we try to analyze our lifestyle, we will realize that we have been using equipments or electronic devices and electrical devices as well as other mechanical devices that do emit some kind of heat as well as other radiations while they operate. So when this is done in the Global scale, the impact of it is comprehensive. This is one of the reasons why the modern lifestyle is responsible for global warming.

Now that he have understood the basic cause of global warming and our contribution in it, the next question arises is how we can try to control it at our end? Well, the simple way in the most convenient one in which we can try to contribute our only little efforts in trying to control global warming is by minimizing the use of electronic, electrical and other mechanical devices or instruments.

If you look around, is simply need to minimize the time on which you spend on electronic devices like mobile computer laptop and television extra. Apart from it, electricity needs to be used at its minimum level as well. Using LED and flashlight would also help in controlling global warming as they consume less power and they emit lesser heat radiation as compared to other sources of light like regular yellow electric bulb or tube light.

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