GINA web service tokens

You can continue to use GINA web map services through the end of April. You need to get a no cost (free) token from us to do so. The token will also make the alerting messages burned into in your maps go away.

Get your token here: TOKEN request form

Instructions for token use: TOKEN use instructions

Overview and Background

UAF-GINA is transitioning our web mapping services to a subscription supported service. We plan to start charging fees for access after April 30, 2017. Prior to April 30, we are providing continued, no cost access to the GINA services. We will manage access during this transition period by issuing tokens at no cost to users.

Background information regarding the end of GINA’s public web services can be found at: The End of an Era webpage. This page also has information regarding the new subset of services being offered through the Alaska Geospatial Council.

What you need to do

To support the user community through the transition away from no cost services, GINA has added a new TOKEN feature that will allow users with a TOKEN to continue to access the GINA-provided web services during the transition period ending on April 30.

Users need to request a unique GINA web services TOKEN to enable their continued use of the web services.

These tokens will help the community and GINA in the following way:

  • Allow users immediate access to a clean web service without the outage notification message overlays.
  • Extend the availability of the services beyond the March 1st shut down and to allow users to continue uninterrupted through April 30th.
  • Help GINA understand the level of interest and points of contact for potential subscription services.

Request a TOKEN - GINA will connect back through email to provide a token.

Second, less preferred option, email us at

note: we are still working out our process; currently it is manual - please give us 24 hours to respond

These tokens can be used by web application developers who access the tiles programmatically via WMS or tiles services (OpenLayers, Leaflet, MapBox, Esri, etc) and by desktop users (QGIS, ArcMap, Global Mapper, etc.) who connect to the WMS. The token will work with all GINA endpoints: BDL, Extras, and Ortho.

The details for how to integrate a TOKEN into a specific desktop GIS or web mapping service stack are still being refined. You can see our latest instructions here:

GINA TOKEN instructions - work in progress