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An Entire New Group – Stun Weapon Flashlights

January 24, 2019

It’s seldom that brand-new trends emerge in the self defense products sector. The miniature stun gun trend proceeds yet is instead old hat now. Today nearly all self defense tools are rechargeable, delegating exchangeable battery designs to a niche. So what’s truly new?

There is quite a bit, in fact. An entire brand-new classification has gotten up, apparently out of no place and also is poised to dominate the sector. It’s the stun weapon flashlight which incorporates both features in one. They are shaped like a tactical flashlight with an efficiently flared head and a really purposeful total shape. The flashlight is generated by LEDs ahead. And with names like Touchdown, Security Personnel and Law Enforcement Agency, they market partly on their names alone. We count 6 models in the market at present. 6 months ago there was one.

Consider example, let’s take a look at the SWSG4000R model by Streetwise. Called the Security Personnel 4,000,000 Stun Flashlight Rechargeable, the model is the smallest of its kind at 6 inches in length. It looks more like the typical mini Mag Lite ®. The SWSG4000R isn’t made of metal yet it does include a rubberized shell that offers it a solid feeling and protected grip. It’s rechargeable and consists of a belt loophole holster like all flashlight stun guns. The stun spark crosses the recessed flashlight head using its two electrodes. It’s activated individually from the stun result.

The Streetwise SWSG6000R is stronger and also larger than the SWSG4000R design at a length of 11 inches. The head is longer and reveals a number of metal strips along the side. These are energized when the stun weapon is activated so if the opponent tries to order it from you, he’s obtain a shock. This design also has a loud alarm setting making it multi-purpose.

Although Streetwise has introduced even more of these kind devices than any other maker, Security Innovation, the various other leading maker, has actually not been stalling. As a matter of fact, their large FL-LG stun flashlight has actually been an essential for the last couple years. Feeling the heat possibly, they lately introduced a newly made version. While the old one was 200,000 volts, 16.5 inches long and needed changeable batteries, the new one improves those specifications. This design integrates a stun gun feature, 150 db alarm system with a consistent red light, a brilliant LED flash light, an LED red flash light as well as a LED red flashing light for signaling. It’s 15.5 inches long and includes a shoulder strap. As well as, oh yes, it’s rechargeable now.

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